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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10 NKJV

Igniting a passion for learning

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our student body with knowledge, understanding and wisdom through the teaching paradigm of classical learning. This approach will enable them to have all the tools available to be successful. Washington has been formed to re-establish a more proficient way to instill in the students the idea of learning as a lifestyle. We desire to mold our students to be future leaders in their homes, communities, and the world by filling them with a quest for creativity and innovation, the aspiration for achievement, and the passion for service.

We desire to glorify the Lord by assisting parents in their God-given responsibility of educating their children, through godly teachers, with God’s word as the basis and center of all learning, teaching students the tools for life-long learning and for truly thinking and living biblically.

The Trivium

Our Approach

Washington teaches with the time-proven classical approach of the Trivium. This three-pronged approach, is pursued at all ages, but each prong is emphasized successively to match the students’ development. The Trivium consists of the following three categories: Grammar, Dialectic (also known as Logic), and Rhetoric. They begin during their grammar years with a focus on memorizing and mastering important basic information in creative ways such as songs, chants or repetitious learning games. They continue during the middle school years of the Dialectic, also known as the Logic, phase, to focus on how to think, reason and evaluate logically using such methods as debates, discussions and examinations of arguments. During their high school years, their focus turns to how to communicate clearly and persuasively using a variety of methods, including drama, thesis writing, mock trials and apologetics. This is culmination of all they’ve learned in the Rhetoric phase. As a school, we are training students with academic excellence to think sharply and communicate clearly.

Below you will find videos of the classroom setting for our Grammar and
Dialectic phases, as well as the goal for our Rhetoric phase students.

Grammar Phase

The Grammar stage focuses on the mastery of knowledge, specifically the fundamental and foundational knowledge that will provide our students with a framework on which to build all future learning. Grammar refers not just to the fundamentals of English, but also of theology, history, mathematics, languages as well as other subjects and disciplines. The grammar stage seeks to address the questions of “who, what, where, and when?” The following video demonstrates the classroom atmosphere during a large portion of this phase of learning, which promotes the knowledge framework.

Dialectic (Logic) Phase

The Dialectic (or Logic) phase focuses on thinking properly and well. The students will learn how to order, relate and think through the knowledge they are gaining. This phase seeks to equip the students with sound thinking skills that will enable them to recognize when an idea or argument is sound, when one is not, and how to correct it. The Dialectic phase seeks to answer and address the questions of “why and how?”

Rhetoric Phase

The Rhetoric learning phase focuses on training the students to use written and spoken language to communicate their thinking clearly and persuasively. This is the phase of application and expression. At this phase, the culmination of all the knowledge gained is put to use in practical ways, through means of public speaking, problem solving in subjects like mathematics and science, as well as the arts.

The Trivium seeks to instill in students a love for learning and give them the tools of
learning so that they can both think and communicate clearly, fully and biblically.

Student Life


At Washington School, we desire that our students enjoy a well-rounded student life that will encourage their development spiritually, academically, socially and aesthetically. Through this encouragement, we will see great improvement in the academics of our students.

The Arts

Weekly art instruction begins in kindergarten.  These arts, along with drama, are employed by our students in special programs presented each year. Along with art and drama, our music program will also begin in kindergarten to give our students a well rounded foundation of learning to build on.

Spiritual & Physical

In addition to normal or regular studies, students enjoy weekly chapel services and are encouraged in physical training through an established physical education program. We base everything we do, firmly in God’s Word, the Bible, and believe that balance is the key to life.

Through it all, they are building lasting friendships.